What Jewelry to Wear with Wedding Dress

Every girl probably dreams about her wedding day since her childhood. It is one of the most important days in every woman’s life. Planning an entire wedding is itself a cumbersome task. On top of that, finding that perfect dress is a challenge. 

And when you finally set your eyes on the dress that blows your mind, the next challenge is to find matching jewelry. 

You cannot just wear any jewelry on your special day. They have to be one of a kind yet perfectly compliment your wedding dress. Also, you should be able to wear them time and again even after your special day. So how to choose your accessories without panicking yourself before your big day?

This blog will provide you with some helpful tips in picking the right accessories for your wedding day. Just read on and thank us later.

  1. Choosing the necklace as per your dress’ neckline

Every accessory you choose to wear essentially comes down to your personal taste. However, there are some other determining factors as well.

Choose the type of your neck piece depending on the neckline of your dress.

If you have a high neckline wedding dress, it is better to avoid a neckpiece. It would only exaggerate your look and interfere with the dress. Your wedding neckline would already have beautiful embroidery patterns that would stand out without having to go for any neckpiece.

Necklaces look best when your dress has a low scoop, off-shoulder, strapless, or a V-shaped neckline.

For a V-shaped neckline, a simple necklace with gemstone pendants would make you look elegant and ravishing. At pohl jewelry, you can browse from a unique selection of artisan necklaces with breathtaking pendants that are perfect for your wedding day as well as everyday wear.

For a low scoop or a strapless neckline, go for a statement or a bib necklace. Since a large portion of your neck is revealed while wearing such neckline patterns, a statement or a bib necklace would beautifully grab a lot of attention to your style. If you love wearing a choker, go for something sleek and classy. Pearl chokers are also very much in trend these days. You can wear them on other occasions as well after your wedding day.


2. Choice of Earrings


For off-shoulder or low scoop necklines, since you will be wearing a statement neckpiece, go for statement earrings to compliment your look. They give balance to your overall appearance. You can make the choice of earrings based on your color scheme, style, and face shape.


If you’re wearing a sweetheart or Queen Anne neckline, stud earrings are a perfect choice. Depending on your style and budget, go for classic diamond or pearl studs. These are timeless and can be worn over and over for any occasion. If you want to play with colors, go for gemstone studs.

Your hairstyle also plays a significant role in choosing the earring. If you are going for a fancy bun, stud earrings are perfect to grab the attention of the spectators and make you look graceful. If you decide to leave your hair open, then maybe a little loud design would be better in making your style stand out. Don’t forget to try it out with the type of hairdo you are planning to have.

3. Bracelets


If your wedding dress has a high neckline, do not forget to wear bracelets. Since you will not be wearing any neckpiece, a bracelet would go a long way in bringing out a balance in your overall look. Cuffs are also very popular these days and considered as a piece of classic bridal jewelry. If your wedding dress is sleeveless, then you must pick a classy bangle or cuff for your big day. 

If you are already choosing to wear a little loud necklace and earrings, but still want to wear a bracelet, then go for a sleek bangle to keep it balanced.  


If you’re wearing a long-sleeved dress, avoid wearing cuffs or bracelets as they would compete with your dress and might destroy the look. 

  1. Rings

Why let your fingers feel empty while you walk down the aisle to get hitched to the love of your life. If you are a ring lover, you might already have a lot of designs in your mind. As far as the design is concerned, that completely depends on your personal choice. However, you can choose the color as per the following criteria:


  • If your wedding dress is white or whitish, then go for bright metals like white gold with platinum or rhodium. 
  • For dresses with grey or silver hues, the best metal is silver. Silver ring with gemstone is also a perfect pick.
  • For champagne colored wedding dresses, vintage jewelry is the best accessory.


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