How to Make Gemstone Earrings?

Who isn’t a fan of gemstones right? Their unparalleled beauty coupled with astrological benefits is what makes them so hard to resist. They have been favorite accessories for men and women since ancient times. One of the great ways of wearing your gemstones besides a ring is by wearing gemstones earrings.

Gemstones earrings do not need to be styled with too many designs as the colorful gemstones already provide them the much-needed beauty. You can check some of the most exquisite and high-quality designs of gemstone earrings on our website at the most attractive prices.

How to make gemstone earrings

The best thing about gemstone earrings is that they can be made quite easily at homes without much effort.

This blog will help you learn different ways of making your own gemstone earrings. You can make both dangler earrings and stud earrings with your gemstones. Let us know how!

  • Making earrings with stud

Basic essentials: All you need are the following few items for making your gorgeous gemstone earrings:

Step-by-step guide for making gemstone earrings:

  • Choosing the right stone:

There is no right or wrong stone. It all depends on your choice as per the design, size, and shape of the stone. If you are not sure how to make that choice, it’s simple! 

When it comes to the size, choose the size you are comfortable to wear. Many people like their earrings to be small while others prefer big ones. Next is the color. You can choose your favorite colors or go with something that will match your outfits. The shape of the stone will again be as per your comfort zone. But make sure that the back of your stone has a flat edge. This is necessary to glue your ear backings to the stone.

  • Preparing the stones and earpad:

The process starts with preparing the stone surface for sticking the earring post to it. Jewelry glue does not stick to smooth surfaces. All you need to do is rub the sandpaper on the back of the stone to roughen it up a bit for the glue to last. You can also sand the earring pad a bit.

Once done, clean both the items properly to get rid of residuals from the sandpaper.

  • Sticking the ear posts to the stones

This is a crucial step, which needs to be dealt with care. Put a little amount of glue on the stone and stick the earring. Hold it for a while to ensure it sticks properly. Do not overuse your glue for you do not want to make it all sticky.

With that, your gemstone earring is ready. You can repeat that process with different types of stones and make as many pieces as you want. 

Dangler earrings: 

Now let us learn how to make dangle gemstone earrings:

All you need are the following items:

  • 2 similar Gemstones
  • 2 Gold rings
  • 2 golden earring wires
  • Gold wires

Steps to make dangler beautiful gemstone earrings are given as under:

  1. Cut the golden/silver wire into two pieces of around 2”-3” long.
  2. Enter the wire into the drilling holes on the gemstone and bring your stone to the center of the wire.
  3. Straighten one side of the wire to make it perpendicular.
  4. Wrap the second part of the wire around the straightened wire to make 2-3 spirals. Cut the remaining part with a cutter or any other appropriate object that you might be having.
  5. Bend the other wire to make a loop just above the spirals.
  6. Insert a nose ring into that loop.
  7. Wrap the wire two more times around the loop and tighten it. Trim the remaining wire.
  8. Next, open the loop of the earring wire, insert the rings, and tighten the loop again.
  9. Repeat the process to make the next piece.
  10. You can use this process to make as many earrings as you want in any material. You can also experiment to add your own unique designs.

Why are the benefits of wearing gemstones?

Gemstone earrings are very much in fashion now. Besides the authentic style, it is the benefits of gemstones that appeal most to the wearer. Given below are some of the amazing benefits of wearing gemstones:

  • Gemstones help in increasing concentration power and connecting to one’s inner self.
  • Some gemstones possess healing powers within them. They generate positive vibes and strengthen your body.
  • They promote a sense of coolness and calmness to the mind. Helps in getting rid of anxiety and restlessness.
  • They are believed to clean the negative energy of the wearer.
  • Gemstone has no age bar or religion. They are eternal in their beauty and appeal. They can be worn as a daily piece of jewelry.

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