How to Clean Gemstone Bracelets?

If you are a gemstone wearer, you surely know their importance in your life. These healing natural ornaments are very delicate and need to be kept clean for them to perform their job effectively. They are known to bring positivity, good health, and prosperity to our lives. However, due to the constant use of soaps, oils, lotions, etc, in our day-to-day lives, it results in dirt build-ups between the gemstone and metal spacer. It is highly essential to keep them clean to prevent them from absorbing negative energy from our surroundings.

Many people are not aware of the right way to clean their gemstone jewelry, especially gemstone bracelets. And as a result, they end up destroying their precious jewelry. Discussed is the tried and tested way of effortlessly cleaning your gemstone bracelets:

The right way to clean gemstone bracelet

Step 1. Cleaning

The first step is to clean your bracelet gently with warm water and mild soap. Do this as a fixed interval when you notice build up dirt on your beads. Use a soft cloth to scrub it. Do not use a hard object. You can also use a soft brush instead. Rub it under warm under to remove the dirt, and then dry it again with a soft cloth.

You can also use professional jewelry cleaner products instead of soap. But avoid the ones with chemical ingredients like ammonia, etc. They will damage your gemstone.

Step 2 Cleansing

Cleansing helps in preventing your gemstone from absorbing negative energy in the surrounding. 

  • Moonlight.: You can leave your gemstone bracelet under the full moonlight for about 6 hours. It is best to leave them on the earth or on a natural surface.
  • Saline water: Mix a tablespoon of sea salt, table salt, or rock salt in a bowl of water and immerse the bracelet. Keep it submerged for a minimum of 48 hours before taking it out. This method is suitable for hard stones and not for soft or porous gemstones. Salt helps in activating the energy of the stone. Make sure to clean it with clear water after taking it out.
  • Smudging: This is one of the most effective ways to cleansing your gemstone bracelet. This is done with the help of the Sage plant, which has many healing properties. Light the dried sage stick for about 20 seconds and gently blow out the smoke. Then circle the stick to smoke the bracelet. Do it outdoors. If you are doing this indoors, make sure to open a window to let the smoke pass.
  • Brown Rice: Take a bowl of brown rice and bury your bracelet in it completely. Keep the same for almost 24 hours before taking it out. Dispose of the rice immediately as it has believed to have absorbed the negative energy of the stone.

Step 3 Recharging

The final step in your gemstone caring regime is recharging. After you are done cleansing, hold your bracelet in your hand. Close your eyes, make a wish, and set your intention into before wearing it back. This can be best done with meditation for a few minutes. Focus on your intention while holding the bracelet in your hands.

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How to take care of your gemstone jewelry?

Besides cleaning and cleansing, it is essential to take care of your gemstone bracelet to maintain its beauty and charm for a longer time frame. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid the use of harsh chemicals.

Do not let your bracelet come in contact with harsh chemicals. You can take it off while you are using any such chemical and put it back on once you are done. Similarly, while applying lotions, oils, or creams to your skin, you can take your bracelet off to prevent it from coming in contact with your stone.

  • Avoid wearing it while involving in physical activities

When you are involved in physical activities like exercising, running, or doing any household chores that require you to be highly active, it is highly recommended to take off the bracelet to avoid scratching the stone.

  • Keep your bracelet dry

Avoid wearing your bracelet when your hands are constantly underwater or using water. They stay healthy when they are kept dry. Avoid wearing them at any cost while swimming.

  • Know your gemstone

All gemstones have unique physical properties. Hence, some methods might not be suitable for some stones. It is important for every gemstone wearer to know about the gemstone he/she is wearing before proceeding to clean it. Do some research online and learn about your gemstone so that you can choose the right method. If you have any questions about gemstones, you can get in touch with us for details. We will definitely help you in solving all your queries. 


Gemstone can create devastating results if they absorb negative energy. Hence, it is important to keep good care of them.

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